Hearing loss can creep up on us. It’s common to be unaware of hearing loss, despite living with it every day. Interested in knowing how much you can actually hear? Our hearing evaluation will give you the details you need.

It’s estimated that nearly 30 million Americans would benefit from the use of hearing aids. But unfortunately, a far smaller number actually purchase them. Hearing loss can be an isolating and depressing condition when left untreated; Its effects are far reaching, making communication and connection difficult for not only those with hearing loss but also for the people they interact with and care about most. The good news is the solutions for hearing loss have greatly improved, and there are hearing aids available for all lifestyles and budgets.


To determine if a hearing aid is necessary, a complete hearing evaluation is the first step. Hearing tests are quick, painless, and easy to participate in. They help clarify the source of your hearing loss, its severity, and which solutions will meet your needs. Our hearing evaluations consist of a variety of tests to determine the unique aspects of your hearing loss, as well as the level at which you can detect and understand speech. The journey to better hearing can be an easy one with the proper care, and at Audiology Associates of NJ, we specialize in getting to the root of your hearing concerns with our thorough and highly accurate hearing evaluations.

We recommend that you bring a family member with you to your hearing evaluation appointment. Hearing loss is a family issue, as clear communication is the foundation of our relationships. It also helps to have another supportive person at this appointment to help you understand the information and recommendations. Both you and your loved one will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and gain a better understanding of your situation and unique hearing ability. Our professionals are known for their informative and compassionate patient care. We take the time to ensure that you are educated about and comfortable with every step of your hearing care.

Our hearing evaluations begin with a discussion of your current medical history and a review of your hearing concerns. Every patient is different and we want to get to know you and your unique hearing concerns. After we examine your ear and complete an array of audiometric tests to assess your hearing, we then review our findings with you. If a loss is detected, we’ll go over the type and level of hearing loss present. Rest assured that there are many treatment options for all types of hearing loss, and we’ll carefully walk you through the options that will best serve your hearing needs, and ensure your satisfaction every step of the way.

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