Hearing Protection for Summer

Summer is in full swing, and with it comes a variety of activities that can be harmful to your hearing if you’re not careful. From attending concerts and festivals to mowing the lawn, there are many opportunities to be exposed to loud noise over the summer. Loud noise is one of the most common causes of hearing loss. Any sound that is over 85 decibels (dB) can damage your hearing, even if you only hear it for a short period of time. We encourage all of our patients to wear hearing protection! There are many different types of hearing protection available, including earplugs, earmuffs, and noise-canceling headphones. The type of hearing protection that you need will depend on the level of noise that you are exposed to. Our office can help you decipher the right type for you—please reach out with questions! Here are some tips for protecting your hearing this summer:

  • Wear hearing protection whenever you’re going to be around loud noise.
  • Choose hearing protection that fits snugly in your ears.
  • Be aware of the noise levels in your environment.
  • Take breaks from loud noise if you can.
  • Replace your hearing protection every few years, or sooner if they are damaged.

By following these tips, you can help to protect your hearing and enjoy all that summer has to offer for years to come.

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(Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay)

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